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Maxxcap Group

Founded in 1999, Maxxcap Group is a Chicago, IL-based business incubator that specializes in assisting companies from start-up to mature firms that need to change directions. We have developed a unique process to engage prospects, gather data and formulate an optimal approach. Our mission is to work with each of our clients to determine their goals and work tirelessly to help achieve them.

Maxxcap Group provides the following client services:

Maxxcap Group has an approach that is based on our years of experience in sales, marketing, legal, business strategy and human dynamics which leverages our network of executives. We typically invest our time and capital in companies where we can add additional value.

Why Maxxcap Group?

We believe in a holistic approach to business. A corporation is considered a "legal person". Well, just like any other person, how you treat the various parts of your body has an effect on every other part of your body. In a business setting, making a change in any part of your business will have a ripple effect through out the rest of your business.

Too often, companies hire consultants to tell them what they already know. Unlike many consulting firms, we spend the majority of our time with prospects/partners in the field. This enables us to gather new data and test innovative business approaches. We often bring our customers insightful information gathered in the field but our ultimate deliverable are new customers and a proven sales/marketing process.

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