Business Growth is Your Goal...

A successful business can't help but have growth on its mind. At Maxxcap Group, we know the quickest and most efficient way to grow a company is through acquisition. An acquisition allows a company to potentially acquire key personnel, gain a larger customer base, obtain a greater geographic reach, expand their product line, increase purchasing power and reduce overhead.

However, we know that while an acquisition may be the most efficient way to grow a business, it doesn't mean it is an easy process. In reality, an acquisition can be extremely time consuming and complex. At Maxxcap Group, it is our goal to simplify the process for our buyers. We focus our energy on the task at hand, utilize our experience and contacts, and use our negotiating skills to make the acquisition process a smooth and seamless one for our clients.

Services we provide while representing the buyer:

We work with our clients to develop acquisition objectives. Extensive research is then conducted to identify potential candidates and an aggressive search strategy is executed based on these criteria.

Specific companies, determined by the search strategy, will be targeted and a confidential dialogue will be initiated on the client's behalf. We utilize our extensive contact network as well as our relationships with other investment bankers and business brokers to uncover unique opportunities. If an acquisition appears viable, we will conduct a comprehensive review of the management team and its philosophy, company capabilities, and market compatibility. Our involvement allows the buyer to maintain anonymity during the search process.

Once a specific company has been targeted, an offer will be presented and negotiated on the client's behalf. At this stage, we can assist in arranging financing for the acquisition.

We will advise our clients through the closing and be available for consultation during the transition period after the closing. Our extensive experience allows us to mediate any last minute complications and to facilitate an expeditious closing.

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