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Just came across a note from Paul Myers (  in a folder on my hard-drive pointing me to several robust open source and/or free graphics programs.
Don't know if Christian is still looking, or if others might be interested. Here's the list from Paul:
- Gimp - Powerful graphic design program
Available for all major and a bunch of minor operating systems. This is the
granddaddy of free graphic software.
- Gimpshop - Open source "substitute" for Photoshop
Windows, Mac and Linux versions are available.
You can find a lot of good info and resources for Gimp stuff at:
- Photoplus - More free graphic software
I haven't used this one, but it's well recommended. My understanding is that it
will let you use some Adobe filters.
- Pixia - Yet another free graphic design program

Email Extraction


Business Building Tools

Action Plan Marketing. You can be a better marketer and attract all the clients you can handle.

BizPlanBuilderŽ, MarketingBuilderŽ, Contract Templates

Business planning resources

Business Plan Software

Business/Industrial Video Production FAQs

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Phone Services - Long Distance/VOIP/Cell/All-in-One/Unified Messaging

OneSuite - Long Distance Conference Calling Service - Has local and toll free numbers.

Vonage - VOIP Service - Can use local number anywhere in the US or Canada or toll free. Flat rate fee of $29.99 all inclusive.

Nextel - Cell Phone service - Has Direct Connect Feature. Phones have speaker phones. They have an Incoming Plan which has unlimited incoming calls plus a set amount of outgoing minutes (ex. 600 minutes plus unlimited nights and weekends and incoming calls $59.99). This is great to forward your phone to when you travel alot.

Ring Central - Unified messaging - own your own 800 phone number or use a local phone number. Low long distance rates as well as conference call capabilities.

Corecomm - Corecomm is a regional telephone company that has flat rate services for local and long distance with all bells and whistles for $39.99 except voice mail which is additional $5.95 per month.

ACCXX - Long Distance Service 3.5˘ per minute. They are also getting into the VOIP service.

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Career Sites

Comprehensive web directory all on one page.

Executive Resources Network

Finance Leaders Association

Six Figure Jobs



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Free Sales and Marketing Resources

We've compiled a list of business sales intelligence web sites to help you research your clients, prospects and competitors while keeping up with important industry trends.

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Sales and Selling

Intellworks, Inc.'s Advanced Hiring System

Use E-justifyit to quickly and easily create cost justifications., Inc.

SuccessTALK Channel


ittzalist Business Directory

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Area Code Lookups

Area Code Listing By Number

AREA CODE LOOKUPS by area code


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Auctions and Purchasing Related


An auction site focusing on capital assets such as computers, equipment, etc

Complete resource for Office and School Supplies

C|Net Shopper scans and compares over a million prices from major computer cyberstores in US and Canada and updates over 500,000 prices a day on average

Save up to 70% at!


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Books on Tape and Online

BooksOnTape creates audio tapes of entire books, from cover to appendix every single word. Over 4500 choices. Buy or rent. Great way to handle a commute

Books Online -One more reason not to make that drive to the library -The On-Line Books Page provides an index to more than 7,000 books that can be freely read on the Web

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John L. Dearlove

Peter Montoya

Jane Austin

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Leaders IQ

Mark A. Larsen

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Coaching for Executives

Coaching Works, Inc.

Corporate Coaching International

Executive Mentoring and Coaching, Inc.

The Executive Coaching Network

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Company Research

Annual Reports -The Report Gallery is the most complete and up-to-date listing of Annual Reports and related financial reports online today

US SEC Filings & Forms (EDGAR)

US Patent and Trademark Office

US Office of Copyrights

CorpTech Database from OneSource is a database of 45,000 U.S. Technology Companies

Dun & Bradstreet, Inc,

MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK -- Yellow Pages Industrial Directory


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Computer Shortcuts

Bookmarks Plus -- This site allows you to store and access your bookmarks from any Web connected computer

Catch-UP is a free, ad-supported service that automates the process of finding the latest patches and updates for your software

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Environment and Utilities Related

Pollution Online


Safety Online


Water Online

Emerging Markets

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Financial Services Related

Property and


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Government Contracting

A searchable directory of full text and bibliographic records of report literature produced by the DOE and DOE contractor research and development community

All of the Foreign Embassies of Washington, D.C.

Budget of the United States Government

Census Results from the USA

Database of Governments on the web

Complete information source for the Government Contracting industry

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Healthcare Related

Home Health


Long Term Care

Medical Design Online


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High Technology Related

30,000 Internet technology resource links



Semiconductor Online

Test and

AFCOM is the leading association for data center professionals offering services to help support the management of data centers around the world


Computer mapping industry

Computer TELEPHONY - The Magazine for Computer & Telephone Integration

Computer, Telephony Integration (CTI)

COMPUTERWORLD - The Newsweekly for Information Technology Leaders

Connector Specifier Magazine - All about connectors and cable, as well as improved methods of manufacture, test and installation

CTI - The Authority On Computer Internet And Network Telephony

Database Programming and Design is now Intelligent Enterprise


Definitions and explanations of computer and Internet terminology

CIO magazine is free to qualified executives

COMDEX is where leading software and hardware firms traditionally announce new products and future technology

Common Mainframe Software User Group

Complete source of market data on the IT industry - InfoTech Trends

Dictionary of Computing - Extensive, up-to-date dictionary covering acronyms, jargon, programming languages, tools, architectures, operating systems, networking, theory, mathematics, telecoms, institutions, companies, projects, products, and history is now called the Free On-line Dictionary of Computing

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Industrial Related

EC Online


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AJR Newslink maintains links to 8,000 "newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and news services worldwide.

Associated Press

Business Credit News UK

Business Wire

CNN Interactive

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Office Supplies

Atlas Pen & Pencil Corporation

Hello Direct, Inc.

Tech Depot (Office Depot, Inc.)


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Postal Rates

All about USA postal rates

Calculate and print USA postage rates for domestic and international mail for all sorts of packages

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Public Relations and Advertising

Advertising-related resources

CLICK PRESS DIRECT Get press release access to over 1800 of the nation's top business newspapers and magazines.


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Science Related

Bioresearch Online

Drug Discovery Online



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Services Related


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Transportation and Logistics

Logistics Online

All about freight - Freightgate - new dimensions in e-logistics

Designs, Plans & Ideas - Planning Guidelines for Manufacturing, Assembly, Warehousing, and Distribution is now Modern Materials Handling

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Travel Related

A guide to city guides on the web by Lycos Travel

Access Place Accommodations

Access Place Transportation

All the World's Transit Systems - Links to World Subway and Other Transportation Information Resources

America's Weather

AutoPilot will give you the exact directions you need to get you where you're going has more than 80,000 restaurant reviews submitted by net users

Discounted hotel rooms

Door to door driving directions and maps in North America at MapQuest

Currency Converter with latest exchange rates

Comparison Of Online Travel Pricing Sites

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Reciprocal Links

Nonprofit Management/Governance Assistance

Fundraising / Resource Development

Publications and Online Newsletters


Chicago Area Capacity Building Organizations

National Nonprofit - Related Resources

Government Information

Chicago Public Schools

Other Executive Service Corps Chapters

General Interest 

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Nonprofit Management/Governance Assistance's Experts- resource to ask a question by e-mail on a variety of nonprofit topics and get an expert response in a timely way; to find an expert to answer your nonprofit question, once in the site click on Jobs/Careers, then Nonprofit Charitable Organizations, then Fundraising/Management Issues Nonprofit Site - provides linkages to other sites with excellent information related to many management and governance topics


Board Cafe - The Newsletter Exclusively for Members of Nonprofit Boards of Directors...(and Board consultants)


BoardSource- Premier resource for strengthening nonprofit boards through education, publications and other resources


CharityChannel - free electronic newsletters on various nonprofit board governance and fundraising topics


Innovation Networks - interactive site with tools for planning and evaluating organizational structure and services; includes step-by-step directions and free review of completed plans


Internet Nonprofit Center- Comprehensive resources; FAQ's


Library for Nonprofits- Comprehensive resource bank with 72 categories of FAQ's


Mission-based Management- Peter Brinckeroff's services, publications, free newsletter, links


Nonprofit GENIE- Information and resources for the nonprofit community.  "Board Cafe" free e-newsletter


NPOnet- Chicago and national nonprofit news, calendar, philanthropy database, training, jobs


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Fundraising / Resource Development


Association of Fund Raising Professionals (AFP)- Formerly NSFRE, with 3,000 references and periodicals related to philanthropy; upcoming events


Council on Foundations- 130 publications; workshops and conferences


Donors Forum of Chicago- Workshops and regional library on local and national sources of philanthropy; grants made; public policy news; job postings


Foundation Center- Clearinghouse for information on more than 60,000 foundations; corporate giving; Learning Lab; Foundation Directory subscription


Gifts in Kind International- Source for donated products and services


Guidestar Donors Guide to Charities- Donors Guide to Charities- National database of Form 990 for 600,000 nonprofits


Network for Good - A source to facilitate online giving and volunteering


Planned Giving Today (publication)- Estate planning ideas; legislation


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Publications/Online Newsletters


Charity Channel- Discussion forums and e-newsletters for nonprofit management and governance


Chronicle of Philanthropy- News; information on new grants


Nonprofit Times- Leading business publication for nonprofit management


Philanthropy News Network- Latest philanthropic news


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e-PhilanthropyFoundation - Fosters the secure, private and ethical use of the internet for philanthropic purposes


IT Resource Center- Assists Chicago area nonprofits in technology training and consulting


Learn the Net- Basics of the Internet; search techniques and interactive search tutorial


Techsoup- Technology resource for nonprofits


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Chicago Area Capacity Building Organizations


Arts & Business Council- Assists Chicago area arts organizations, with a special focus in management consulting and recruitment of board members


Association of Consultants to Nonprofits- Directory of consultants serving nonprofits in the Chicago area


Chicago Access Network Television- Provides training and technical assistance to promote your services on cable television.


Community Economic Development Law Project- Provides Chicago area nonprofits with legal services for community development efforts


Community Media Workshop- Assists Chicago area nonprofits in media training, communication strategy; getting attention from journalists


CPAs for the Public Interest- Provides Chicago area pro bono help in financial management and in recruiting board members


Donors Forum of Chicago- Provides information and training on fundraising, management and board governance


IT Resource Center- Assists Chicago area nonprofits in consulting and training technology


Metro Chicago Information Center- Provides data and information retrieval to support strategic planning, grant proposals, and evaluations


Nonprofit Financial Center- Provides Chicago area nonprofits with financial training and consulting; working capital financing


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National Nonprofit Related Resources


Alliance for Nonprofit Management- National membership organization for organizations and individuals involved in capacity building of the nonprofit sector; online newsletter; national directory of consultants


Executive Service Corps- Find ESC's in other locations throughout the country


Independent Sector- Nonprofit information center; resources, research and advocacy for enhancing philanthropy and the nonprofit initiative


Philanthropic Advisory Services- Information on charitable activities and standards


Society for Nonprofit Organizations- Resource for board members, staff and volunteers; bi-monthly magazine; distance learning institute


(Also see other national organizations listed in the government, fund raising and nonprofit management categories)


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General Interest / Miscellaneous


Energize- For leaders of volunteers

Jobs in Chicago area nonprofits- Free service for nonprofit employers and job seekers


Legal Handbook for Volunteers- Basics to protect boards, organizations, volunteers, clients


Greater Chicago Nonprofit Gateway-  Nonprofit resource information to help facilitate communication for all constituents of the local Chicago area nonprofit community, sponsored by the Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management at North Park University.


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Government Information


Illinois Department of Children and Family Services


U.S. Census Bureau- Population and business data


U.S. Government Services for Nonprofits- links to federal government information and services for nonprofits


Online Compendium of Federal and State Regulations for Nonprofit Organizations - An unofficial site of useful information


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Chicago Public Schools


Catalyst- Independent reporting on Chicago Public Schools


Chicago Panel on School Policy - Research action and advocacy


Chicago Principals and Administrators Association (CPAA)- Services to principals; clarifies acronyms LAUNCH, LIFT and CASL


Chicago Public Schools- Board of Education; its departments; individual schools; budget; class reunions, etc.


Chicago School Leadership Cooperative - a citywide network of neighborhood groups, education organizations and civic leaders working to engage diverse communities in school reform and support the development of effective Local School Councils


Consortium on Chicago School Research- Independent research to advance school improvement


Leadership for Quality Education (LQE)- Information on Charter Schools Support



Guides and Resources

News and Publications

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Umbrella Organizations

Drucker Innovation Award Winners

Related Organizations

Business Schools

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Exercise / Ice Breakers

Sales Techniques & Selling Skills Revealed - Salesmanship Ebook - Having difficulty doing sales on your physical selling? Here is your ultimate solution to sales intellectual capacity in our E-book. Make your life easier, stop the suffering and struggling on your sales career

Education Online Search - Career Education Portal

Home Business Research

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